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Life Size Teddy Bears - 74''/187cm Teddy Bear

This huge life size teddy bears will make a tight relationship with kids, plus they wish to value them even while they will grow to be young adults. What was once a comfortable lovable companion in bed will result in many happy playtime memories and become a most appreciated possession that may actually be passed to their own children later on.

Purchasing life size teddy bears are not only soft toys. Since they might not be educational toys, they are exciting and comforting toys for young toddlers that wish a feeling of assurance and protection above all else. These are good cuddly giant life size teddy bears really soft and good to hug, and are not over stuffed or too stiff and hard.

If you like teddy bears, you will certainly adore these enormous plush life size teddy bears. This bear features sleek soft fur, lifelike paws, plus an amazing face which says "HOLD ME". Life size teddy bears keeps their soft plush body still at their big dimensions. Enjoy this lovely gigant teddy bear now. What color of
huge teddy bear toys to get could be a very personal matter, however people that like white teddy bears possibly find polar bears sweet and that the color white represents pureness and innocence, which can be really fitting for kids play products and companions but they certainly get dirty quicker when compared to this classic brown life size teddy bears, which can be at your side for years.

Why this life size teddy bear?

Is a gigant 74 inches tall/187cm soft plush life size teddy bear and cost only $159.

The adorable huggable life size teddy bears for kids of all ages and excellent for every celebration. Life size teddy bears have always been extremely popular with the little ones and young people. Also parents are extremely keen in buying this attractive and exquisite life size teddy bear for their boys and girls.Teddy bear is among the preferred stuffed toys that appears in nearly toy collections of kids.

These soft life size teddy bears are soft in real sense. It's going to be a good idea to amaze them with it as a present. Their excitement will know no range once they will first view it. That may certainly bring smiles in other members of the family, as well. Extra large teddy bear is an anime design toy which will help a great deal to refresh the mood of your toddlers every time they will feel gloomy.

Teddy bears short history

The teddy bear was inspired by a hunting event that involved previous United States President Theodore Roosevelt. It was 1902, and the previous President has been invited by Mississippi Governor Andrew H. Longino to go hunting. A dark bear was tied by a number of attendants of President Roosevelt to a willow tree and so they questioned the previous President to fire it. Yet, the President rejected because he think it is extremely unsportsmanlike. The bear was still shot though, after his orders, to free it of its agony. A political animation has been inspired by this event.

The first plush stuffed toy bear developed by Morris and Rose, was handed to President Roosevelt’s grandson Kermit in 1963. One month later, it had been placed on display at the Smithsonian, where it still rests in perfect condition.

extra large teddy bear

Brown Extra large teddy bear features:

  • Height: 74" (187 cm);
  • Material: Cotton Fluff;
  • Weight: 16.53 pounts (7.5 kg);
  • Color: brown;


white 47 inches extra large teddy bear

White extra large teddy bear features:

  • Height: 47" (120 cm);
  • Material: Cotton Fluff;
  • Weight: 12.12 pounts (5.5 kg);
  • Color: white;

Life Size Teddy Bear Online shopping

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